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Established in the year 1999, Plantex Agro Products (P) Limited. has become one of the leading processor, importers of quality spices and dealers of essential oils and oleoresins. The company has recently started blending of spice oils and oleoresins to manufacturer spice oleoresin blend.

There is one and only one vision for Plantex and that is selling only quality products to those who know it’s worth. We firmly believe in the saying “Our customer deserves the best”. In 1999, Plantex began its journey with Cinnamon/Cassia, one of the oldest spices known to man. This special spice is directly sourced from the jungles of South East Asia.

To retain maximum freshness and preserve the goodness of nature all the spices are very carefully processed to meet significant Quality requirements for human consumption say it may be AGMARK, USFDA to have the desired amount of moisture and to avoid growth of fungus, moulds and other extraneous matter.

A lot of emphasis is put on the supply-chain network. The crop is carefully selected to procure the best quality spices from all over the world. This is the reason that in most cases the spices are procured directly from the farmers and their co-operatives.

We market our spices directly with a dedicated team, which works round the clock to ensure best service. Presently Plantex is offering various spices such as Cinnamon/Cassia, Cloves, Star Aniseed, Nutmeg, and Dry Ginger. Further, the company is also engaged in distribution of Essential Oils and Oleoresins.

Cassia & Star Aniseed comes from Vietnam and Nutmeg and Dry Ginger is sourced from Indian. We supply the said spices and spice oleoresin blends for domestic consumption in India and for export purposes. Having our head office at Kolkata and branch offices in Navi Mumbai, Delhi and Cochin, we are able to cater to all parts of the country and expanding all over the Globe to market our quality spices.

The company has recently established a blending unit in Kolkata to manufacture Spice Oleoresin Blend by blending various essential oils and oleoresins. These essential oils and oleoresins are procured from the most reputed manufacturing companies of essential oils and oleoresins. They are mixed in various proportions to get the best flavour and taste. These blends have its application in various food industries such as Pickles, Sauces, Seasonings etc. They are more economical in use, consistent in quality and cleaner than their equivalent grounded spices.

Thanks for showing interest in our Company Overview.

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